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Wall Kickers Unblocked

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When you begin playing Wall Kickers, it may seem like a game you’ve experienced before on numerous occasions. But it’s only the first impression. It doesn’t take long before the game unfolds and reveals itself, which is when the enjoyment really begins. And if you want to get something new of the same old, same old platforming genre, that’s definitely something you should try!

More than just another platformer

Wall Kickers unblocked is surely something that will challenge your platforming skills in a new way. This isn’t your typical jumping game where you merely leap straight up and down. Instead, it’s an innovative revamp of the whole platforming concept that sets its own rules. Although it may not be the most unique game on the market and the progression may feel slightly unbalanced, it’s still a title that deserves your attention and time.

The premise of the game is centered on a determined protagonist who’s ascending a tower (or something similar, it’s hard to really tell) through jumping. The tower is made up of horizontal platforms, which require you to tap the screen to jump off them. You’ll cling to these platforms, allowing you a moment to consider your next action.

Well-balanced mechanics and tricky gameplay

But that’s not all you have here. The game becomes more intriguing after three seconds when you’re introduced to the double jump. This feature allows you to rebound, once per jump, in the opposite direction that you came from and is an extremely intelligent game mechanic. It’s something like bouncing off or ricocheting, and if used properly, it can really make things simpler and more exciting for you at the same time.

Since you can land on both sides of the vertical platforms, the gameplay becomes more complex. You’ll need to jump over them, then quickly pivot to grab the unspiked side. The gameplay demands quickness, patience, and skill, and failing to meet these requirements can result in an untimely death. So what, are you ready to embark on this daring platforming adventure? If so, let’s start playing Wall Kickers unblocked without further ado!

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