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Timber Guy

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Chopping trees seems to be an easy thing to do. But not in this game! You play as a lumberjack, armed with your trusty axe. And you’re out for some chopping. The catch is that the trees are constantly moving back and forth, making it tricky to land the perfect chop!

Being a lumberjack can be trickier than you thought!

As you chop, you need to avoid obstacles such as branches, beehives, and even bombs that can explode and end your game. Every level has own unique challenges and obstacles. From chopping down a certain number of trees to avoiding falling logs or dodging pesky birds, you won’t be short of tasks and perils. There is even a leaderboard to compare your results to those of other players. With its simple and charming retro pixelated graphics you’ll be instantly carried back to the times of classic arcade games. So whether you just want to have some unpretentious fun or get nostalgic, you’re up for a great leisure with Timber Guy!

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