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Wall Kickers 3

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Are you ready to discover some new great wall-jumping experience? Wall Kickers 3 is already here, and you can be among of the first to check it out! Prepare to see some new levels and obstacles, explore new jumping techniques and generally have more fun than in the previous installments!

New levels and techniques!

Those who already played the first two games know the drill. Wall Kickers employs a simple tap-to-jump control scheme that is very effective. Tapping once allows you to hop from a wall, while tapping again mid-air allows you to change directions. The length of your tap also affects the height and distance of your jumps, providing some degree of control. But these two things provide for surprising diversity when they come into chemistry with all the obstacles available.

One of the other most impressive features of Wall Kickers is that levels are not always instantly randomized between runs. Players can experience the same layout of platforms in several sessions, giving them an opportunity to correct previous mistakes or take advantage of things they may have missed in previous runs. With new levels to explore, things are going to get even more exciting!

As great as we remember and better!

Wall Kickers 3 is particularly enjoyable for two reasons. Firstly, the game’s jumping feels excellent. The character’s arcs are incredibly satisfying, and you always feel in complete control, despite the limited control scheme. Secondly, Wall Kickers is much less chaotic than most other arcade games because there is no explicit time pressure to make your jumps. So plunge right into this light and enjoyable yet sufficiently challenging experience and discover Wall Kickers anew with the third part!

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