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Wall Kickers Online

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What are you ready to get into for a handful of shiny coins? In Wall Kickers online, you can collect plenty of them as you move up the endlessly high tower with progressively tough obstacles. Your character can do just one thing – jump. But damn, he does it marvelously! There are actually many creative ways in which you can tailor your jumping tactics to new types of hurdles that will keep appearing as you move higher. So if you’re up for it, let’s start moving!

Move up, collect coins, unlock new characters!

The objective of this game is simple: try to progress as far as you can until you inevitably die. After each run, you can redeem the coins you earn for new characters before starting over again. As you jump between walls in Wall Kickers, you must not only navigate increasingly challenging jumps but also avoid spiked platforms, walls that you can’t cling to, and time your jumps from walls that act as conveyor belts.

And don’t forget those little coins hanging out in hard-to-reach places. Collect as many as you can because they’re essential for unlocking new characters and backgrounds. When you’ve gathered one hundred coins, you can exchange them for a capsule that spits out a new character or background. Although these are just cosmetic changes, collecting them is a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t want to play as a sloth ascending a ninja tower, right?

Simple, addicting, fun!

Wall Kickers does not offer much beyond jumping from wall to wall, but that is precisely the game’s charm. It is a straightforward arcade experience that feels good when you want to play a few rounds before moving on to something else. It is a great little game that provides a satisfying experience in just a few minutes. While it may not be your next obsession, that is not what the game aims to be. It is simply a great game, so why don’t you check it out right now?

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