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Wall Kickers

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Are you into some light-hearted, dynamic and reasonably challenging platforming action? Then Wall Kickers is just what you must play tonight! With its cute graphics, diverse and fascinating levels and addicting gameplay, you’re sure to have a great time – and maybe even set your personal record!

Jump, cling, kick off and jump again!

The whole concept here is rather simple. After all, wall-kicking elements are present in many popular games, since the golden age of the console era. Once you launch Wall Kickers, you find yourself at the bottom of level that is clearly a structure of a kind, although it’s impossible to tell which exactly (yet). And in the long run, not that it matters so much.

Your goal is to get to the top of the level. And the most obvious way to do it would be climbing the walls, but climbing is just not a manner in which you can move here. Instead, you’ll be doing a lot of jumping. Just jump up, stick to the wall, pick the next landing point and keep jumping getting higher and higher. Surprisingly, the characters all can hold on to vertical surfaces for a rather long time, so you’ll have at least several seconds to consider your next move. Just note that gravity doesn’t go anywhere and you just can’t think endlessly.

Amazing level versatility and gameplay pace!

If you want to get really good at Wall Kickers, you have to get the hang of all the mechanics as soon as possible. For instance, the time spent holding the tap is relevant to the distance of your jump. Meaning, the longer you tap the further you will jump. It might take you some time before you learn to calculate that intuitively, but don’t be very upset if you keep falling down at first. After all, there is always another ledge that you can cling on even if you’re tumbling down and thus spare yourself the trouble of going all the way up again.

Each of the levels in Wall Kickers, and even each part of the same level, are different and unique. So you’ll hardly run into the same set of challenges which makes the game particularly interesting and exciting. You’ll have to deal with some clever traps – not just your average spikes or sinking platforms that are just about everywhere – no, think walls that get smaller or walls that spin and flip around. How crazy is that? Think you can cope with all these obstacles? It’s gonna take some serious reflexes! Launch it right now and see how high you can jump!

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