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Pizza Tower

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People order pizza all the time. And not just people! It turns out, monsters are quite hungry for a slice too. And it’s not an easy thing to get their creepy pizza delivered to the top of the tower that’s crawling with them! Are you ready for a challenge?

There is never too much pizza!

In Pizza Tower, you’re a delivery guy on an unusual mission. You have to slide and fight your way through all the enemies eager to take away your pizza and maybe have you for a snack as well. But don’t worry, there are enough ways to slip out of their clutches and reach your destination safely! For that, you’ll need some quick reflexes, good agility and a proper mix of cool pizza tricks that you can unleash on the ravenous creatures trying to get to you. You can throw melted cheese at them, spray them with hot sauce and have all other sorts of fun with various ingredients that you can pick up right on the route. So set out on this crazy pizza adventure and see if you can beat all the levels in this high-paced, action-packed game!

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