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Dragon Ball Korin Tower

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Another amazing anime adventure is waiting for you! Prepare to set out on a long and dangerous trip where everything will depend on timing your jumps and dodging obstacles to reach the top of the tower and meet the legendary Korin. Hurry up!

Help Goku once again!

In this version of Dragon Ball, you play as Goku, who needs to climb the tower to get the sacred water from Korin. Along the way, you need to hop over countless obstacles such as spikes, gaps, and moving platforms. You also need to collect power-ups including speed boosts and extra lives to help you on your way.

The levels are quite challenging, requiring you to demonstrate good reflexes, reach a specific height, and defeat enemies such as Pilaf and his minions. The game also features boss battles, so to use your skills and power-ups you’ve collected so far in a clash with something as menacing as Red Ribbon Army. See if you can get through all the dangers and reach your destination!

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