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Wall Kickers 2

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See this cute little monkey? It’s stuck at the bottom of a really deep shaft and it needs your help getting out. Can you feel where it’s going? That’s right, we’re in for another platforming adventure, and it’s going to be surprisingly more fascinating and versatile than you expect looking at these retro pixels! So, here we go!

Jump away and have fun!

Wall Kickers 2 is the second part of an already popular game, and as you would expect from a sequel, it comes with some exciting additions and new options. Like in many platfomers, it’s the action we’re focused on rather than the characters or the story (in fact, there isn’t even any here). You start off as this cute monkey, but the character you’re in control of doesn’t actually affect the gameplay in any way either. As you progress, you’ll be able to try yourself as a squirrel, snail and lots of other curious creatures. They’re most for the sake of collecting, though, so you can just as well pass the whole game as the basic ape.

So, what you have to do is move up these shaft walls jumping from one ledge to another and clinging to it to keep your balance. It’s mainly how well you can calculate your jumps and how quickly you can react to any changing circumstances once the buttons are pushed. Although most of the levels are vertical, there are also patches of horizontal surfaces that are much safer and more familiar. And your hero will also start running automatically once their feet touch it. Of course, these horizontal areas aren’t that spacey or lengthy, so it won’t be long until you’re back to the jumping thing.

Avoid traps and test your reflexes!

When you begin playing, you’ll mainly be jumping between larger walls without many hazards. It’s a simple and satisfying experience, and as you progress through the game, this type of gameplay is less frequent but not completely gone. The developers have made sure to include sections like this to keep the game enjoyable. Soon, the walls become smaller and more challenging, requiring double-jumps to get across. You’ll also encounter spikes that you’ll want to avoid, conveyor walls that move in different directions, and walls that flip around on a timer. The challenges keep coming, with walls that move and others that send electrical shocks at you periodically. This game will test your reflexes and reaction time, but it’s all part of the fun. So start playing Wall Kickers 2 right now and see for yourself!

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