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Wall Kickers is an inventive and exciting platformer where you move up some kind of a tower (or mine shaft, depending how you look at it) leaping between the two vertical walls and clinging to anything that offers itself to cling to. While the basic idea may not seem too sophisticated, the game actually employs some diverse and creative mechanics and interactions between the protagonist and the environment. So start playing and see for yourself!

Move higher and jump further!

Once you launch the game, you see yourself at the bottom of this unidentified structure that you have to climb (or rather, to jump). Your character is a monkey, for now. In a little while, you’ll also be able to switch to a whole bunch of other guys like a squirrel or sloth. That’s only for a decorative purpose, so don’t focus on it much. Just keep collecting if that’s what turns you on.

Anyway, this monkey has to make its way higher and higher, gaining a steady support in the form of platforms and ledges that show up in sight as you make another jump. The controls are really not a big deal to get the hang on – one tap goes to send the monkey flying, another tap is meant to change direction in mid-air. That allows you to control the landing point even if your initial intention was different and thus keeps things tense throughout the entire game. After all, the obstacles here go downright crazy the further your proceed!

Maneuver, dodge, collect coins!

At first, you’ll have a rather simply level layout and plenty of space for maneuvers. The patches of walls where you can cling or land will be sizable enough not to miss them even if your reflexes are out of sorts. Also there are always several seconds of a time gap between the moment you cling to some kind of a surface and the moment you start falling off it – use them to consider your next move wisely.

However, the higher you rise the tougher things get. Spaces and gaps between pieces of the walls become wider and the platforms smaller. You can count to land right where you thought you would anymore and need to do lots of dodging already after you jump. Besides, some of the walls will start flipping, spinning and hitting you with sharp spikes. You have to avoid that as well and somehow keep moving up. And all while collection as many coins as you can, and they are not always easy to grab! As you can see, Wall Kickers may turn out to be more complex and tricky than it seems at first sight. So let’s get jumping right now and good luck!

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