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Giant Rush

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Wanna experience the adrenaline rush of being a giant crashing everything in his way? Welcome to Giant Rush then! This game will get you running through a city spreading destruction and collecting coins. And you are going to grow bigger as you do it!

Will you become the biggest giant on track?

You start off as a rather small giant that has to race through a series of locations full of obstacles, crushing cars, buildings, and anything else that gets in your path. As you run, you need to look out for coins that can be used to upgrade your giant’s size, strength, and speed. There are also some pretty useful power-ups such as shields, magnets, and speed boosts that will make you truly invincible. And don’t forget about the enemies! Tanks, helicopters, and even other giants are abundant here, so you’ll have to show incredible reaction and agility to avoid all that. Start playing Giant Rush right now and pass level after level!

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