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Tumble Tundra

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Set out to explore a frozen wilderness in Tumble Tundra! This game is all about scrambling up an icy crevice and dealing with obstacles that come along as you help a cute little creature find its way home. So get your mountaineering gear and let’s get started!

Make your way up and out!

You start off at the bottom of the crevice and need to climb your way to the top by jumping from ledge to ledge. But be careful, some ledges are slippery and dangerous, and if you fall, you’ll have to start all over again! As you move higher, you also need to avoid icy spikes, dodge dangerous icicles that can fall at any moment and steer clear of other obstacles that will become ever trickier and tougher. Luckily, there is always another boost to pick up or an extra life to collect. With its fun cartoonish graphics, simple yet fascinating gameplay and lots of levels waiting for you, Tumble Tundra will surely keep you occupied and entertained for hours!

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